Bankruptcy Is Complex
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From counseling to filing complex proceedings, our skilled bankruptcy attorneys can assist you with the best solution.
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to handle any bankruptcy.

From issues of a consumer with too much debt to complex business reorganization or a creditor needing to protect its collateral, our bankruptcy team is uniquely qualified to handle any bankruptcy matter.

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Hinkle attorneys have the knowledge, skills and resources you need to get through the tough times and move towards the future.
Decades of Experience
behind these walls
Hinkle Law Firm has been providing trusted legal counsel to Wichita for more than 25 years. Businesses across Kansas reap the benefits of this seasoned Bankruptcy team, some members having more than 30 years of experience.

Minimizing Risk & Maximizing Recovery

Whether you’re a farmer in western Kansas, a factory worker in Wichita or a creditor attempting to collect a debt, Hinkle’s bankruptcy team has the knowledge and expertise to assist all your needs. We have the breadth of knowledge and experience to help you through any of your financial problems.

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